“To learn one must be humble. But life is the great teacher.”

James Joyce, Ulysses


Continuing Professional Development


NCGE Continuing Professional Development



NCGE designs and organises continuing professional development (CPD) for guidance co-ordinators, guidance counsellors and adult guidance information officers of the Adult Educational Guidance Services.



In designing programmes, NCGE aims to:-

Offer a balance between theory and practice;

Provide opportunities to gain, develop and renew skills;

Value each individual within the Adult Guidance Services by providing an opportunity for each person’s development;

Develop effective learning and delivery methods within a lifelong and life-wide context;

Provide opportunities to model best practice in delivery and presentation skills;

Provide opportunities to actively participate in an encouraging environment;

Provide opportunities for practitioners and adult guidance information officers to network and share expertise;

Provide a space for reflection on practice;

Provide a forum for NCGE and the Adult Guidance Services to develop models of good practice which inform policy.


Continuing professional development activities include:-


Visits to other Services;


Short and long term courses;


Peer learning;

Professional qualifications;


National Database with CPD Feature

CPD provided by NCGE is integrated into a central database entitled:  Adult Guidance Management System (the AGMS). Intranet facilities on the AGMS include online booking, with date, time and short programme descriptor, with the latter acting as an historical record of CPD programmes.