“The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.”

Frank Lloyd Wright


Guidance Environment


Information Centre



The Information Centre may represent the place where clients get a first impression of an Information and Guidance Service.  If this first impression is a good one, it will pave the way to the building of positive relationships, where excellent guidance and quality information work is achieved.  The following simple guidelines may make the difference in ensuring a client friendly Information Centre.



Physical Environment

The Information Centre is a creative space.  In designing the physical environment, consideration should be given to:-

  • clear signposting  (both internally and externally);
  • accessibility for clients with disabilities;
  • comfortable and appropriate furniture, such as desks and easy chairs;
  • good lighting and ventilation with a comfortable working temperature;
  • attractive and well maintained appearance;
  • clearly displayed information in relation to resources such as:-
    • software,
    • media and free literature,
    • photocopying facilities including copyright legislation and
    • assurances on confidentiality and data protection legislation
  • user-friendly library or resource area which has up to date information relevant to target groups and the general public;
  • attractive and well equipped:-
    • all materials and notice boards on display are in accessible units so that clients can freely browse;
  • a well-equipped information technology area with workstations, PCs, web access, photocopying and video viewing facilities;
  • a positive environment which may be achieved through the use of:-
    • pictures;
    • photographs;
    • posters;
    • video or sound recording;

(all of which may help to tap into the client's sense of motivation, self-direction, enthusiasm and future hopes for themselves and the contribution which they may make to society.)






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